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I often joke about not knowing what to do with a full term newborn, but in al honestly it's the truth. My husband and I have three children. Three kids who started out in life before they should've. My first preemie came as a surprise almost nine years ago. My pregnancy seemed to be going along normally, I didn't even experience morning sickness or food aversions. Then the third trimester hit and I noticed something weird. At 33 weeks my skin was itchy. No, not normal pregnancy dry skin. This was intense. Unusual. I was BRUISING myself itching in my sleep. When I called about it I was told it was absolutely normal to have itch skin. That I should get some gentle lotions and see if that helps. Nothing worked. Nothing. I could barely sleep but my next appointment wasn't for a few more days so I decided to power through because it was "normal" and I didn't want to be that pregnant woman who showed up in the ER for every little thing. When I went into labor at 34 weeks I was shocked. The staff at the hospital and my OB was shocked. An overnight in antipartum and meds every three hours ended the contractions and I was sent home with a strict meds schedule and full bed rest. 24 hours home and I was in active labor again....six hours later my tiny son was born at 4lbs 13oz and 6 weeks early. The next morning we finally had an answer, I had intraheptic cholestasis of pregnancy which caused the premature labor. My son spent 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU learning how to live outside the womb before he was supposed to and I was dealing with the idea that every pregnancy after that one would probably end early. Two more kids saw two more preemies: a 35 weeker and a 33 weeker. We've become so self sufficient in the NICU the staff welcomes us like old friends. I'm pregnant now with baby number 4 and this is our last preemie.

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  • Hello and welcome. Thank you for sharing your preemies with us. I hope that his pregnancy is as uneventful as possible and you can get as close to 40 weeks as is safe for you and the baby. Keep us posted.

    Love and Hugs