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My husband and I were expecting our third baby boy. Everything was going wonderful and I was enjoying my last pregnancy. On 8.5.16 was the last time I felt actual movement. He kicked me hard. After that it was just a lot of pressure that I chalked up to him being comfortable. On that following Monday 8.8.16 I made a call to my OB and was told to come in. He couldn't get Kason to move and seen no movement on the ultrasound so we were sent to the hospital for monitoring overnight. Another ultrasound was done around 8:30pm and no changes. My son was dying inside of me due to reverse umbilical flow. At 26 weeks gestation our doctor made the call to do an emergency c section. During prep all I could remember asking was "is Kason going to be okay?" Then he was brought into this world at 10:49pm and immediately had a team working on him. You keep waiting to hear that cry...and there's nothing! He was taken to Nicu and I was told he would be airlifted to Lebonheur as soon as he was stabilized. I did get to touch the tiniest of hands that night before he was flown out and oh how precious where they! I was released and made the 15 minute trip to Lebonheur that Wednesday where I was given heartbreaking news "your son is a very sick baby." He was swollen and all 1lbs and 13 oz of him held my heart in his tiny hands. I was advised to go home and get some rest but instead I cried myself into oblivion for the child I was so helpless to help and was back at the hospital for weeks on end. He went through 3 abdominal surgeries, had an ostomy bag for months, brain bleed, blood pressure issues, and the list goes on. BUT through the power of prayer and wonderful doctors and nurses after 110 days in the Nicu we brought our baby boy home! He is now 7 months old and weighing in at 11.6lbs! He is my hero. He never gave up! Preemies have a fight in them that is so strong! They are warriors! So I walk for our preemie who has taught me so very much in such a short amount of time we are and always will be elrod strong! God bless!

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  • Hello and welcome to Share. Thank you so much for telling your story and sharing your precious baby boy with us. I hope you can keep us updated on all things related to your everyday lives.

    Love and Hugs