First time Grandmother to a micro preemie

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Recently on July 7, 2016 my daughter went into premature labor at only 23 weeks. Upon her arrival to the hospital that Thursday morning she was fully dialted. Her and her husband are in North Carolina, he is a Marine. Her grandparents and brother happen to be there on vacation that Tuesday. All their immediate family live in Pennsylvania. We got in the car and drove 9 hours to be with her.  They had to life flight her to another hospital about 100 miles from their home after she was stable enough. Vidant Hospital, which is equipped with a great nicu. They tried to stop the contractions. That evening after we arrived she went into non-stop able contractions. Headed to delivery room, set up with the nicu team waiting. Her water broke, then her contractions stopped. The nicu team was sent away on standby. About a hour later she had pressure and the baby was right there. It just so happened the one doctor on the nicu team had a feeling he has to check on her on his own. He walked into the room just in time. Dawson Jayce Walters was born at 11:24pm at 1lb. 2oz. And 12in long. He came out wimpering and breathing. His heart rate dropped so he was put on oxygen. Right now he is on about 25% oxygen and doing great. I believe in the power of prayer and there was hundreds of friends, family and strangers praying for this little boy. GOD IS GOOD...please pray for them. He has a expected stay of 17 weeks(119days).


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