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First and foremost, thank you so much for taking the time to read this write-up today.   Below is a brief synopsis of a series of events I would like to share with the hopes of implementing a pilot program for expecting moms on becoming better self advocates of symptoms and proper preventative measures for placental abruptions. Not only would this program help minimize PREMATURE BIRTHS but help SAVE LIVES!


 This has been so, so heavy on my heart and spirit and I thought it needed to be shared.  Not only is this therapeutic for me, but may be needed as a form of support for someone else.

In 2007, my daughter Logan passed away due to a full placental abruption.  While Logan was in utero, she struggled to survive(oxygen deprived)and made it very clear to doctors that she wasn't getting adequate oxygen. After visitingted Logan wasn't getting all of her grits and eggs.  I asked, "What does that mean"?  The confession was that Logan was not getting adequate oxygen flow through the umbilical cord(although the umbilical cord was flowing properly) and she would have to be delivered within 48 hours.  Having eclampsia(high blood pressure in pregnancy), they never considered taking a closer look at the placenta(mother to child lifeline).  Not only did the hospital administer 2 corticosteroid shots over 48 hrs, but also pitocin(used for inducing a delivery).  I understood the purpose for the steroid shots to assist with maturation of her lungs, but questioned the pitocin because it is used to force delivery and they sent me home afterwards.

The very next day I had a full placental abruption in my home.  The PAIN and BLOOD loss from this was immeasurable.  The ambulance finally arrived, put me on the gurney then asked for directions to the hospital.  The ambulance never gave me oxygen/IV, the siren was never used, we stopped at every traffic light and adhered to minimum speed limit.  Upon arrival to the hospital, we were denied entry into the facility.  After having to wait for an extended period of time to enter hospital, the emergency obstetrician on the premises would not deliver Logan.  Alternatively, my primary obstetrician was finally located on his day off to come and deliver Logan.  Upon the arrival of my primary obstetrician, he began to stall at the delivery.  All I remember is shaking uncontrollably and begging for an IV while hearing my and Logan's heart rate stated aloud continuously dropping.  I couldn't  understand why the medical team willingly allowed the heart rate to drop without doing anything.  I began to make demands for an IV.  I told the medical team if they didn't succumb to giving me an IV that I would scream and yell for HELP so others could hear me on the outside. The last heart rate number I remember hearing was 20.

The emergency c-section took place and Logan was able to be resuscitated.  The doctors stated she would not make it past a month due to her oxygen deprivation.  Logan spent 8 months in NICU and was released a couple of days before Christmas due to depleted insurance coverage and doctors stating there was nothing else they could do.  Logan passed shortly after being released from NICU.

During and while all of this took place, I was terminated from employment, lost home, lost vehicles, etc.  We are tangibly comprised of a family of 5, 2 dogs and

3 small bags of clothing and toiletries(but I am still grateful...Thank you Jesus! Thank you Father☝🙏). So if anyone knows of a decent home , we can pick up and leave in a JIFFY...LOL. And, yes, I sought out professional counseling to only be told to seek legal advice and obtain an attorney.  At my own merit, I sought out and obtained two pro bono attorneys.  One for wrongful employment termination and the other medical malpractice.  Unfortunately, but to their liking, the documents/cases were held to statute of limitations and manipulated so bad that no one else would touch the case(I wonder if they got paid under the table without me...LOL😡).

I don't want to keep you longer, but I have been unemployed and looking for employment for almost 10 years since this incident occurred.  I have been in and out of hotels without permanent residency for almost a decade.  Waking up everyday(praises for the wake-up...Thank you Jesus!) to my current situation is a constant reminder of the injustice served upon me and my family and how desensitized our country and citizens have become.  How could something so catastrophic be so continuously debilitating(especially when you are fighting against it)?  Why was my career and livelihood destroyed based off of me fighting for righteousness in an agency that was unrighteous and morally unethical?  Why was there injustice served in my daughter receiving the standard of care being delivered safely to receive the oxygen she needed to thrive?  What happened to being Proactive vs. Reactive? HHHHEEELLLPPPP!  I can no longer do this alone.

Ok...ok...I leave with this...It has been a long time coming and I know change is going to come.  Yes, not only am I speaking this but my actions are as such.  Please, please, please if you have any point of contacts and/or yourself who may be able to assist in this matter let me know.  For a brief overview of my background,  I have a professional profile account with LinkedIn.  Otherwise, please contact me via FB or by the information provided below.

Thank you again  for your time.  I welcome any assistance and/or feedback.

Thank you,


Millicent Newman



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