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Hi...I have worked at the March of Dimes for almost 15 years and have been the host of this community for the last seven years.  Along the way, I have met hundreds of amazing families and have gotten to work with some of the best volunteers in the world.  It is volunteers who maintain and manage the site.  I just work behind the scenes.


As for my personal story, my wife and I were lucky to have two children born on time and healthy.   My youngest is five and can tell you most of the countries of the world and their capitals.    He loves learning about space and has an extensive rock collection.   My oldest is my daredevil, my gymnast, my trier of all new things.    He always has a smile and is quick with a laugh.  He also has autism.


If you don’t find me here, you’ll find me running.   I have completed many marathons and one ultra (52 miles).    In my mind I run like a gazelle.  In reality I have all of the grace of a goose.


Anyway, welcome to my profile and welcome to ShareYourStory.  I hope you, like thousands of others, find a home here.



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  • I love this photo of your kids!

  • Your Story Is Encouraging.Thanks.

  • I love ❤ your inspiring story.

    Your story gave me motivation to create my story, and share.

    My son, also is diagnosed with Autism.

    God Bless You

  • Wonderful family!! with brilliant kids. I must say your story is really inspiring.

  • You have two beautiful boys. Thanks for sharing your story and for the warm welcome. I am still working up the courage to share my story.

  • Hey there.. I am an avid Supporter of the March of Dimes. My son Kip was born at 28 weeks. He was  weened fairly quickly due to the use of Surfactant. He's 16 now but years ago he was a March of Dimes feature story in Danville, KY and our family was honored at their big walk and we led the way:) Over the years, kip thrived. He was identified as gifted and talented at school, he loves to learn, his dream is to go the Air Force Academy. He's already visited and his grades could certainly get him there. His fear has always been that if they knew he has very mild CP, that he'll never be accepted. Kip is 16 and he is 6'6. He loves to play basketball. It's his second dream, after the Academy. However, he tried out one year and made the team in High School. But the next year, he had an injury and was out during try-outs. He still went to every practice, he went to the team meetings and his schedule even changed and put him in "basketball" for the next semester so we assumed he would still be on the team. 6 days after getting cleared to play, he was at school on a Saturday and he was cut from the team.  Kip has a 504 plan at school and the school receives extra funds for these children but Kip receives no services and costs the school nothing. However, he worked hard, he can play basketball and yet he was cut from the team. At 15, that's heartbreaking. But this boy cried it out and kept working. He worked out with a private coach all year. He pushed and pushed. We advocated for Botox injections in his legs to help loosen the spasticity and we were denied. We then went to another doctor and paid out of pocket to revive small doses of Botox in his legs. It is painful and expensive but we are blessed to able to afford it and he endured the pain. He does all this to once again try out this upcoming year and hopes to make the team. He has grown 3 inches and lost about 15 pounds. He recently went to a Basketball Canp and was chosen as one of the 5 kids to make up an all star team. There were 50 or so kids and he just beamed with pride. No one there knew he had mild CP, no one there knew how hard he's worked to just be able to play ball. Currently, Kip is working with his school to help lead a new Club or Program which would advocate for kids to have an alternative to driving drunk. His goal is to start a club which serves to educated high school kids that there is an alternative to driving drunk or impaired. He has a plan and is presenting it to the coaches and principal nxt week. He's hoping to implement a change which would give kids an alternative to driving. They call a designated group of people who would alternate and be willing to go and pick up any student who was impaired without fear of being kicked out of school or off the team. His plan is to help addres the substance abuse in schools today.  He feels kids do it because they can and they don't ask for help bc they fear being kicked out of school or off the team. He believes there is a way to help change that culture which would give teens an option when they're out and make a bad choice, they have a plan. Call Kip.  Call Kip is a group that wants to educate kids on having an option. He knows many people who are on board and he's looking to start his club. To me, Kip is who he is because of all the generous people years ago worked to promote the care of preemies. My Mom lost three babies to prematurity.... I was her 4th. My oldest brothers name was Kenton,  and when I had Kip.. His given name was Kenton. My Mom lost 3 baby boys and I had 3 baby boys.. But all were preemies. Kip was the earliest at 28 weeks. I somehow feel that the March of Dimes has been a huge part in supporting me and my premature pregnancies, they supported kip bc of all the stuff they had done to promote surfactant. And now I have my Kip.. Who's growing up. Serving the Lord. Advocating for positive change at his school. He's a blessing. But in all this, he just wants to play basketball. I want to help raise awareness that children with disabilities who go to public school should be encouraged to play sports if they want too and if they physically can. If a school receives funding for my child because he has a 504 plan and they spend nothing extra on him... Should he not be able to play ball? To practice with the team and work out and travel? I don't mean he deserves to play tons or start... But why can't he participate when it means so much to him. I want to help raise awareness of this because it's not right that these kids be excluded. If you can help direct me, I'd be so grateful !

  • Thank you James i plan on sharing my story.

  • Thank you!! I not sure if I will ever post but thanks for the welcome..

  • Awww adorable children && thanks for the warm welcome❗❗

  • I love this picture. Thank you for the Welcome and all you do to bring us all together.

  • Love it my sister is autism

  • Love it my sister is autism