Baby Jonah

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My beautiful baby boy was born December 19, 2016. He was born at 31 weeks and 5 days. He lived only 29 days due to seen and unforeseen circumstances. Before he passed he was able to grip his parent's finger, recognize their voices, open his eyes, and smile . It is so hard to deal with his death.  Being a part of this community and doing what I can for other preemies,  gives me some purpose in this life where a hole in my heart will always be. I miss him so much everyday.

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  • Hello and welcome. I am so very very sorry for the loss of your son Jonah. Please know this is a safe place and that we are here for you. I lost my daughter 10 years ago to Trisomy 18.  I have found that blogging here is helpful and therapeutic. I hope you can share more of your story and your son with us.

    Love and Hugs