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Hello Share, so glad to be here and be apart of this amazing support group.  I am a mother to boy/girl twins, born at 33 weeks, and spent 11 weeks on bedrest in the hospital.  During my journey, I searched for stories that would lend me hope, that would allow me to feel "I can do this," "this can be done" and "I'm not alone."   Finding others that had walked a similar path was so important to me.  I found so much encouragement through others' stories and I know that it truly helped me cope with what I was facing at the time.   I hope you find that same encouragement here at Share.  


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  • Welcome to Share Judy! Congratulations on your boy/girl twins and I bet they are so excited to be turning 4 years old in just a few months! I'm so glad to read that Share has helped you to and through your journey of motherhood. I just wanted to welcome you and know that you are helping so many families by sharing your story and words of comfort and support.



  • Welcome to Share and we are so happy to have you here with us!  

    Much Love


  • Welcome to Share! Glad to have you here.