My Dynamic Duo

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I came to Share looking to share our family story and personal experience with prematurity. When my twin girls, Hanna and Rachel, were in the NICU I felt very alone, but felt moments of comfort in hearing from those few families I would encounter that had come out of the NICU on the other side. I felt the least I could do was to share how well our girls were doing inspite of their extremely early arrival at just 25 weeks gestation. And thus began my own journey in supporting others, finding my own healing, and connecting with some of my closest friends. 

Hanna and Rachel were born at 25 weeks gestation after PROM at 23 weeks. Each weighing a pound and a half and measuring 12 inches long. They spent the next 12 weeks learning to breath on their own, eat by mouth and grow. They each suffered from IVH (grade II for Hanna; grade III for Rachel) and endured 2 surgeries for ROP before discharge. 

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