My little angel, my miracle. My love.

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On june the 3, I went to work. I didn't knw that same day, I would be sent to the memorial hospital after having a swelling feet. I was just 22 weeks pregnant and when I got to the hospital,  they told me that my blood pressure is very high and they will ave to deliver me. I told them no because I know it was 2 soon,  so doctors decided to keep me on bed rest and    until I am 27 weeks. They told me that I got preeclampsia and the only way for it to go away is if they deliver me, on 23 weeks my blood pressure start going up when I am asleep.  On 23.1 I went to the bathroom and I start seeing sign, they told me that precious baby is nt getting enough oxygen so it time and I can either birth her with the chance of survival is very low r I can do the emergency c section with a better chance of survival.  All I could do think about is my baby and hw much I want her. I sign the paper to do the emergency c section,  on June 8 2015, 3.15 pm I gave birth to a angel from above. She only weight 1 pound,  she was so small. She was tranfer to the nicu at the memorial hospital,  where they took good care of her.  It didn't stop their, we get a new that  she will need a lazer eye surgery.  I had it done twice and I thought that was the end of it, until they told me that she have a floppy air way where she will need a trach. She was tranfer to the Denver hospital where she had the surgery done. She is in the process of recovery but she is a strong little girl and thanks be to god she make it out of the surgery and she's doing well. My little fighter. She give me strength and her parents are fighting with her everyday, I want other parents like me to knw that their is hope and we just need to have faith

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