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  • I tried to reply to your lost on multiple child loss and it took me here so I don't know if it will post where I want it to. I am reaching out because we both have suffered recent losses. I just lost my baby on March 26th at 28 weeks pregnant. I went into preterm labor suddenly and she only lived for an hour. We don't know why except that something was wrong with her. We named her Kara. We do have another daughter. She is 4 and was looking forward to having a baby sister. It is so hard explaining this to a 4 year old. She wants me to have another baby but we don't know if that is possible. I see you might be going back to work soon. I won't be for a few more weeks. I am a teacher. I don't know how my students will handle this. There are 3 other pregnant women at my work. It's going to be tough. Let me know how work goes for you. Please reach out to talk if you can.