My beautiful angels

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Where do I began?

In September 2006 I found out I was pregnant m. Every was prefect until December 29th 2006. I thought I had a uti and went to the ER. They confirmed it gave me antibiotics and we're gonna send me home until I asked for a sonogram. I never forget the male doctor didn't want too and had an attitude. He took me and hubby into the room and proceed. He the. Said I'll be back. Rushed in with 2 other Doctors. They start talking doctor language and I'm there in the table like HELLO!!! Finally he turns to me and says "I'm sorry". Wait your sorry for what??! He says "there is no heartbeat" I said "that can't be we just went to the ob a few days ago". They explained and told me what the next steps were.

I went home and was instructed if my water broke or had blessing or cramping to return right away. The next morning I was using the bathroom and I lost my mucus plug. On the way to the doctor I went into labor. They rushed me In for one last ultrasound to confirm. They then sent me to the hospital. They started everything for a vaginal delivery. They asked if I wanted to see him. I said no I wanted to remember him the way I thought. I didn't even know his gender. On December 31 at 7:40am Dimitri Robin came into the world sleeping. He is loved and missed always.

Fast forward 11 months I had my rainbow Avery Angel who is not 8 years old.

Most recently this year I found out I was pregnant again. I was nervous and happy. Everything seem to be going well until I started bleeding from week 9-15. And no one knew why. I went to the doctors all the time and they never knew why. When I turned 21 wks I went to the hospital due to leaking. They ran tests and did and ultrasound. They said my water had broke and I very to no water left. I was admitted to the hospital on strict bed rest October 1st 2015. I was checked for infection given antibiotics twice daily nst's. On October 14th her heart rate was going down and I was rushed for an emergency c section. I was 23w5days. This can't be its too early! Well she came into the world 1lb2oz of pure fighting. She was breathing on her own thanks to the steroid shots I was given. She was doing so good. They were all so proud of her tiny little self. Then on day 5 her tummy got swallon. They did surgery and there was nothing that could be done she had developed NEC. She was given meds to make her comfortable. The first time I'd hold my daughter and last alive. She passed away in my arms. We baptized her before she grew her wings. I told her j was proud of her and that it was ok to good. I didn't want her to suffer. I didn't want to be selfish. She was and still is my beautiful angel. We cremated her that week and now she's sleeping on my night table.

I don't know what our future holds but only God knows. Thank you for reading my stories.

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  • Hi welcome to share I am very sorry for your losses.  Thank you for sharing your stories with us and telling us about your precious angels.  Nicki