Baby Sara and Baby Angel

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Baby Sara was born on June 29, 2012. She was 20w 2d and didn't survive. I had a bacterial infection and we only found out after she was born. I was told it may not be the cause since it's hard to tell what came first. I had been bleeding since wk 16 and they told me the bleeding could have cause the infection. The bleeding is unexplained. I was tested for bleeding disorder and nothing. They told me they only see this much bleeding and preterm birth in people how use drugs. I've never so they concluded it was just a fluke. They said hurry try again. But it took me husband and I about a year to feel ready.

Baby Angel was born on November 30, 2013. He was 13 wk and 1day. I had excessive bleeding again but this time it started at 12wks. This time we went to a recurring pregnancy loss clinic. They had a lot of different test run, and did a hysteroscopy after not finding anything via ultrasound. She wanted to do a biopsy to see if I had an infection in the uterus. It came back negative but it can be difficult to diagnose so she gave me 3wks of antibiotics and said we should try again after that. Next week I take the last of the antibiotics and we plan to try again next month. We are cautiously hopeful.

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