Baby Angelica

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HI my name is Alisa I am 25 weeks pregnant I have been having compilations with my second pregnancy since 21 weeks I went in for a routine ultra sound to find out if I was having  a boy or girl and got rushed up to labor and delivery.  Its a girl!! The reason i was sent to labor and delivery was because I my cervix was half the thicknesses it was supposed to be and my Dr was afraid i would go into preterm labor anytime and I was hospitalized for 4 days. I also found  out i had placenta perivia that the drs started watching very closely.Thankfully Baby Angelica is healthy and growing normally its my body that's not.  Thankfully i didn't go into labor and the drs where counting the minutes when I hit 22 weeks. At 22 weeks I learned that my hospital could deliver my baby and have it survive i knew it would be a long road ahead but at least it was a possibility. My husband and I made the decision to do whatever we needed to keep baby angelica in my wom as long as possible. Since we made this decision i got a pessary inserted to keep my cervix closed, I started inserting  Progesterone pills vaginally nightly to help my short cervix and to try to prevent preterm labor. I also started taking beta shots to help baby angelica's lung's and brain develop quicker. The last shot I received was the mckenna shat that is weekly to help prevent preterm labor. After being in the hospital for four day sI was realized from the hospital 22 weeks and 1 day. Four days after I left the hospital I started bleed and had a blood clot caused from my placenta pervia. I was immanently hospitalized once again with no exit date. When I was hospitalized I found out the on top of me having placenta pervia the dr's thought i might have placenta accerta which is where the placenta embeds into my uterus and its would cause me to have hisdirectomy and  a major blood transfusion. I was so worried but i knew i need to be strong for baby angelica. Since It was possible that I had both conditions I had to have 2 iv's in at all times and I have horrible veins so that was a major challenge for me. On my fourth day the drs told me since i hadn't bleed in four days i would go home on day five. Three hours later I started bleeding again from the placenta pervia. Since this was my second time bleeding I was informed that I would be hospitalized until baby angelica was born which was at least 12 weeks if not longer. I knew I just need to take one day at a time and be thankful for each day baby angelica stayed in my wom ! I made it to 24 weeks and I was so excited and so was the drs!! I hadn't bleed in seven day so the dr's told me i might be able to go home in two days if I didn't bleed anymore. Before I could leave I had to get an MRI so the dr's could find out if I had placenta accreta. When the test results come back the dr's found out i didn't have placenta accreta i had placenta perceta which means my placenta is growing tough my uterus and not far from my bladder. The dr's informed me that I will not be able to carry baby angelica to full term she will be delivered at 34 weeks or earlier. Baby angelica is now 25 weeks and counting my goal is to get to at least 30 weeks. I was discharged ten days after being hospitalized that second time. I know that all I could do was put it in gods hands and pray and have all my friends and family pray. Right now I enjoy everyday that I get to be home and watch my daughter play. I am so thankful for each day, and week that baby angelica stays in my wom. I dosen't  mean that I am not scared to because I am. I hope to find moms going though the same thing as me or a similar situations to give me support though this default  time. I am also trying to prepare my self for the time that I know I will spend in the NICU. I am so thankful for the awesome drs and nurses I have. I know when the time comes to meet baby angelica we will have the best drs and nurses possible.

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