My sweet Nicu survivor

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Being a paramedic, neither of my pregnancies worried me. My first was a normal pregnancy and no issues. My sweet girl Evelyn was born 2 days early and healthy on oct 28th, 2013.  In january 2015 my husband and i went on a carribean cruise and my mom sort of joked before we left saying " now dont come back pregnant." Well... apparently i went pregnant and didnt know until we came home a week later. So far the pregnancy was normal. Now my husband and i are both paramedics full time and i still worked throughout the pregnacy. 6 months, we found out another little girl, Victoria. At 27 weeks i began to hurt so bad in my right ribs to point i couldnt sleep, get comfortable. It was excrutiating. I had already had my gallbladder removed after first pregnancy but reminded me of the same pain. 32 weeks and i got extremely sick. Violently throwing up every 30 minutes, i could barely stand and trying to take care of a almost 2 year and husband at the fire department, i had to call mom for help. After throwing up for 6 hours straight i went to hospital. Got admitted and behold told nothing wrong. 33 weeks same thing. 34 weeks same thing and by this time before i went to hospital, i knew something was horribly wrong. My stomach popped from what was supposed to be 34' at 34 weeks to 48'. And yet no one had answers and then a nurse came in and asked when my last fluid scan was.. i replied well, at 20 week ultrasound and was normal. She excused herself and a girl came in to attempt to do an ultrasound that showed how much fluid was in there. I was in so much pain and couldnt breath that i couldnt sit still. I could see the look of something was wrong on her face. She excused herself and the nurse came back in and said nonchalant im going to give you this steroid to boost the babys lungs..  i stoped her mid sentence and said shes in trouble and im bout to have a c section right... it completely threw her off and her mouth dropped. I then said my husband and i are paramedics and i see the look on your face that something is horribly wrong. Just tell me. She leaves the room and the dr enters. He tells us victoria appears to have hydrops fetalis and its 100% lethal. I needed to go for emergency c section and to our trauma center for it. Wonderful i thought... so to uab i go. In my own ambulance... i get to uab and and they came in to ask to do an amniocentesis (the most excrutiating thing in the world next to being cut open with no anesthesia) but major risks would come with it. One its going to hurt. Two it may throw me into labor. So i agree. So they give me enough fentanyl to kill a horse and it doesnt touch the pain. Theres nothing like making your uterus very angry at sticking a foreign object (needle) into it so it will violently contract so they can attempt to get enough fluid for thousands of tests and pray i dont go into labor during that time. I get through the amnio reduction and get admitted. Im shortly there after released and the next day have to come back because i cant breath, the fluid has returned and im violently sick. Im barely at 34 weeks. The mortality rate for my girl will be 100% if shes born. I go back to hospital to find out im in labor and dialated to 6 and theres no stopping the birth and she will most likely die. My husband and i started praying for a different outcome and chose to cling to faith. We posted it on facebook and now we were living on prayers and borrowed time. To the o.r. i went. Victoria was born emergency c section at 34 weeks at 1710. We heard her cry and then she was taken to be rescusitated. I wondered if that would be the last time i see my little one alive. After recovery period i forced myself out of the bed and down the hall to the nicu where i finally got to see my baby girl. In an isolette, on a vent and filled with fluid. We then discovered another issue. She had chylothorax. A tear in her lumph duct dumping more fluid into her tiny body. Also 100% mortality rate. Then God showed us what he has in store..  her dr, the neonatologist that was appointed to her, wrote the book on both... we spent 26 long days and nights in the nicu with so many procedures having to be done and no one thought she would make it. What should have taken over a year took 26 days. She fought and was blessed by God with an amazing story that dont give up hope, dont lose your faith and believe. Prayers from all over the world were heard and God used her to bring my family closer, our faith stronger and to trust him. I never doubted i would bring her home. I said it before the c section because after i prayed, i was calm. I knew she would be ok. She is turning a year old on august 31, 2016 at 1710.

With the power of prayer, great friends/family/coworkers, some skilled loving nicu nurses, several teams of doctors and 2 stubborn paramedic parents that refused to give up and said "do what you have to do to save our baby", we brought this little happy bundle of joy baby girl home and are a happy, greatful family of 4.

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