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My name is Tara Tyson, I am a new first time mother. My NICU story is sometimes hard to tell because of how emotional I get but also I love to share because My beautiful little boy is great example of how much support and good care from NICU and other mothers can affect your life. I was 35 weeks pregnant and my Hubby came to get me from work for a routine check up with my Perinatal specialist. I was considered a high risk pregnancy due to my high blood pressure, weight and previous history of miscarriage. During my pregnancy I developed Gallstones. This alone was a huge battle due to insane pain and diet limitations. I worried a lot about my baby getting necessary nutrients since I was not able to keep much of anything down. Anywho...back to May 12th 2015, on my way to the Perinatal Dr. all was good. I get in there and they start my Ultra sound, one thing that I wish for everyone is that you have sonographers who are very much aware of sensitivity with high risk patients. I am grateful that she was able to see an issue but the way she handled it was very stressful for me and my husband.  At this point I am almost 35 weeks, not quite. I hear the sono tech say to the other sono tech that was in the room "Oh wow that's not a good number". I had already seen on the screen that they were measuring my little baby and it was only reading 30 weeks. I was nervous as is. The minute she said that I burst into tears. Lets remember I already struggled with high blood pressure, it was a little high when I got there so naturally they wanted to take it again. Well by now I'm in tears and panicking so my blood pressure went dangerously high. May 12 drs. appt turned into rushing to the hospital. To make a long story shorter, it was the hospital I was not registered at. I didn't have anything with me, no hospital bag or nothing. Just me and hubby. After doing a bunch of stuff that scared me beyond belief, in comes a Dr. I have never seen before that says. "We are going to induce you today, you and your baby are in danger." *queue the tears again* after this it was a long painful process. I was in labor for 3 days (my body was not ready to birth a child yet) miserable, scared, exhausted. I was unable to eat. By the 3rd day my husband said to the hospital staff "she can not sit like this anymore you have to do something now".  They also agreed as they saw the baby's heart rate dropping significantly with every contraction. I was then rushed to C-section. My husband there with me so loving and supportive but I could see he was scared just like I was. When he was born there were no cries. After a few seconds I hear a little noise from him and they showed him to me over the divider. He was amazing. I then heard a small cry and I cried right along with him. I was taken to the recovery room where I got to enjoy a couple calming moment of skin to skin. Little Kevin was here. He was only grunting and not breathing correctly. They told me they were sorry but they had to take him he needs some assistance. 4lbs 1oz 5 weeks early (with severe Intrauterine growth restriction). I was then taken to my room and he went the other direction to the NICU. I was unable to walk since they had me on medications to prevent a stroke due to my blood pressure. One of the nurses whom I will never forget came in and said to me "how it Kevin Jr. doing?" *Queue tears again* I said "I don't know I haven't seen him". She couldn't believe that. Since I couldn't walk, she wheeled my entire hospital bed med drips and all into the NICU and there he was. Tubes, wires, monitors, incubator and the smallest diaper I have ever seen. What a surreal moment, relief to see him breathing, heart breaking to see him hooked up to all these machines. I continued every day to just stay in there with him. Through his Bilirubin lamps and his feeding tubes. Breast feeding wasn't working although I tried my hardest. I was able to get him some colostrum but no milk ever came. He latched on perfectly so that was heart breaking that I couldn't provide. I was discharged and he had to stay, The hardest day of my life. On the rare occasion I wasn't at the NICU I would get phone calls at every shift change, updates constantly. He kept taking two steps forward and one step back. About two weeks in the NICU and he was eating on his own. Home we went, Little Kevin at 4lbs exactly. He will be 2 this May 15th 2017. He is such a little man. Full of energy and kisses, develops about a month behind but that's right on time for him. After all that I wouldn't change it, He is a fighter, He is strong and through that I found out also how strong I am, my marriage is and our love for eachother is. The NICU saved my baby. *Forever Grateful* 

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