My Little Almost Preemie

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My last child was a surprise.....

I was 41 and had no intention really of having another one but last summer I found myself pregnant. I have had miscarriages before and no stranger to that.  I have had 2, one ended with a d &c at 12 weeks and the other natural at 7weeks.   This pregnancy didn't start normal and it didn't end normal either nor was any part of it...

At the beginning I felt like my period was going to come any minute. I was crapping had brownish bleeding, even mucous at times... I waited till about 9 weeks and visited an OB doctor whom I ended up LOVING.  He's the best.  I choose to go for the more invasive tests as I was older and things didn't seem right.  The CVS I was having contraction during (yes at 13 weeks) which I knew I was having. So I did agree to the amnio.  1% chance anything goes wrong and of course...I'm that 1%

So after the amnio I found that my water was leaking.  One night it was very obvious and ended up going to the ER.   I thought for sure he was done.  Somehow he made it through. Through the contractions and the water leaking.  The doctors told me he was in grave danger.   An infection or too much water leakage and he was done.  I was 17 weeks at the time.  The doctor told me he only had one other person that this happened to and they made it till 27 weeks and the baby survived. I think he was trying to make me feel hopeful.  Maybe it worked.

Week by week went by........ this little fighter insisted on staying put.

We got to the magical 24 weeks and he wanted me on hospital bedrest.  With the holidays coming I just couldn't.  I have 2 other boys and didn't want to disappoint them. I was so torn as to what to do but knew I was about 15 minutes from the hospital and felt if I had a problem I could get there fast.  I got the steroid shots and hoped he didn't come out early.  He was going to be small as the low fluid caused IUGR and also possible clubbed feet.  Being born early and already having IUGR scared me as I knew the littler he was his battle would be harder. 

Again week by week went by and again this little fighter stayed put.   Halloween went by....Thanksgiving came and went,,,,,Christmas did the same.  He was in the clear as far as being a NICU baby.  No infection and didn't leak too much...

Along the way they noticed what looked like I had placenta acretta. (placenta growing into the uterus) again this is very rare and less than a 1% chance of happening,

MRI was performed and was confirmed and I had one heck of a c-section.  He was born in the Cath lab as they coordinated with other specialist to make sure I wasn't in danger from bleeding to death.   38 weeks he made it to.... 5lbs 8oz little cutie.

So we had to do the car seat challenge for teeny babies and he did have clubbed feet from his adventure but everything else was fine.

I looked up so much stuff on March of Dimes website with what I was dealing with.  The What to Expect  book would have never covered any of this adventure. This is what the March of Dimes hopes to happen when these little guys are in peril like this, they make it to the the end for happy endings.  He was also small like a preemie.

He's thriving now.  Feet are doing better and growing well. He's a content little guy that loves to be held and cuddled.

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  • Welcome to SHARE!  Sounds like you have quite the fighter on your hands.  Thank you so much for your story with all of us!  I hope you will continue to update as be grows.  I saw your gallery and he is so adorable!

    Much Love