Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Welcome! We hope the Share Your Story Antepartum Support Group can help make your antepartum hospitalization or bedrest at home more manageable. Within this group you will find information, resources and support. Please take a moment to introduce yourself, let us know how your day is going and make a new friend who is going or has gone through what you are going through now. 
We wish you the best with your pregnancy and are with you every step of the way. 
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      check in here
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      • Dec 4, 2017
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      Bedrest can be tough! While some bystanders may say “What an easy life!” bedrest can be a pretty grim and lonely time. The novelty wears off fairly quickly. Lack of exercise can make you incredibly weak. The monotony, especially if you are horizontal 24/7
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      • Aug 31, 2017
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      ideas to pass the time
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