34 weeks 5 days

Baby Rylan

  • That is such a common question, the will you try again. It has been over 2 months since we lost our baby girl and in just a few short weeks we will reach her due date. There are days I want nothing more than to hold my child in my arms and I can feel a sense of determination overcome me. Then there are others when I cannot imagine trying again. Give yourself time. Time to process, time to grieve. Allow yourself to work through each and every emotion. When someone asks the question just be honest and say you're not ready to try and find the answer to that question. I can't speak from "the other side" as I like to call it. The side of the fence where enough time has passed and the heart has mended to allow you to live with the pain each day brings, a side of healing as some might call it. I'm still working through it myself but I have found  that the honest answer is the best one and it let's people know just what it is you're feeling or going through. Sending thoughts of peace and healing to you your partner through this. ❤