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My Story: Loss of Baby Boy at 33 Weeks Gestation

  • Welcome to Share. I am so very sorry for the loss of your baby boy. Thank you for sharing your Ezra with us. I had tears as I read your story. There are some details that mirror my own. Eleven years later, they are still just as fresh in my mind. The pain is so raw right now and last weekend must have been a difficult one. Hold onto your husband, your daughter, the weeks you carried him, the time you spent with him, and those precious photos. This site has played a tremendous role in my healing. I hope that it can offer the same comfort and support for you.

    Sending you so many hugs,


  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I lost my baby girl on April 8, 2020 @31 weeks and 4 days and delivered her via c section on April 10.  So much of your story mirror mine and I ache with you.  

    Many warm hugs,


  • I also lost my baby boy last August 1st. Unlike you though I had no chance to hold my baby maybe it is because of hospital policy. I only had a chance to study his features thoroughly even though how painful it felt. I even saw the suffering he must felt when his little heart stopped. His lips are very red not sure if because of preeclampsia which I had during his 7 months. I developed it because of edema. I had dreams for my son or I had plans how he will bond with his much older sister whom I had from a previous relationship. It is hard to cope but I let the grieving take its place until I guess I can remember my son without tears in my eyes. Like what my friends and relatives say be strong and reach out when the feeling gets overwhelming. It is nobody's fault, we did what we thought is right for our baby. I thought it will be better if I had CS when he reaches 8 months but he gave up his fight. I can't believe your OB can relate to what happened to you as well. Anyways continue to heal. I know both of us can recover from this tragedy of losing a son. Just pray and continue to be brave.