BabyD 03/09

Loss of my little one

  • I am so sorry for your loss   (HUGS)

  • I am sorry to read about the loss of your baby boy. It's so okay to not know what to say or how to feel. No doubt your mind is still processing and it's overwhelming. I lost a son in the month of March as well. I carried him for 30 weeks to the day. He was perfect in every way. I hold onto the weeks that I carried him, finding some strength there.

    Sending hugs,


  • Thank you, i find it comforting to know i am not alone in all of this.

  • I am so sorry. Your Boy will always be with you, every moment of every day.

    You must keep your head up. You must seek Hope and Faith. You must keep going for you and your Boy.

    My due date was March 12 of this year but things didn't pan out that way. Stillbirth at 25 weeks. I held him from 11AM-7:30PM. We hold onto that because it's all that we have and it's ok to hold onto it forever, you just cannot allow it to consume you with sadness or guilt or the "what ifs". You cherish it and you allow it to bring you peace and ease.

    ….I learned this with my first loss in 2011, he was just 25 weeks as well.

    Just remember, you're never alone.

  • I'm so sorry to hear you lost you sweet baby a few weeks ago.  I wish I could give you a huge hug.  I lost my daughter 12 years ago.  We had only minutes with her.  I still remember how lost i was in the first few weeks and months after saying goodbye.  Please know you are not alone in this journey.  So much love coming your way.  


  • I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I, too, sm a March loss mom to twin boys (2007). You are not alone in this journey. Please stay in touch. Sending hugs and love to you.

  • Hello and Welcome. I am so very sorry to hear about you losing your baby.  I lost my first daughter to Trisomy 18, in February of 2007. Please know we are here for you and you are never alone in this.

    Love and Hugs