Dealing with the Ups and Downs

Its Difficult

  • Welcome to Share Bella's Dad. I am so sorry to read that your little one came so early. It must be absolute heartbreak to watch her fight for every moment. I remember feeling so helpless when our son was in the NICU. To stay sane, I just tried to find peace in the good moments, the good days, and realized that he was in the most capable of hands. No one in my family had ever gone through anything like this, so it was hard to relate to others' experiences. I hope that you can find some peace and understanding here. Keeping your little one in my close thoughts.


  • Hello and Welcome to Share. Congrats on your baby girl. I too am so sorry that she had to come into this world so early and that she is struggling.  I have found that parenting itself is quite terrifying. The NICU can be a roller coaster and so many constant ups and downs involved there. Please know we are here for you and no matter what you are not alone in this.

    Love and hugs