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Conceiving Again

  • I lost my baby 1 week ago through premature birth. He was at NICU and they couldn’t make him feel better. I’m scared of having another baby.

  • I completely understand how you feel Tabby. I was scared to have another one but knew how much we wanted a child. We took it one day at a time, I had a great support system and my doctors were a big help as well. Prayers to you.

  • My doctor told me to have another baby after 3 months of loss. Now I'm going to wait since I'm very eager to have another baby.

  • Tabby, I was very eager too. We had our wonderful rainbow baby.

  • Hi,thank you for having me here. I must say yesterday made it just a week ago we lost our baby at 28weeks two days old with no signs that the baby has stopped movement and heartbeat. It is still so hard coming to accepting it with so many questions in my head and fears too.

  • I know that feeling. I still question till this day, 11 years later. Prayers to you.

  • I lost my baby boy last Sunday at 30 weeks. It was due to an inexplicable hemorrhage that caused the placenta to separate during the night. It's absolutely unreal. The doctors have no answers for why this occurred in an otherwise "perfect pregnancy" (as my OB described it). My husband and I are so confused and devastated. I'm 37 years old and hope to have another chance. I wish I could have an immediate do-over but know that it will take time. Instead of counting the days to my baby's arrival, I'll now need to count the time it takes to recover and get myself to a strong, healthy place to try again.

  • LAURIROSE, I’m so sorry for your loss. On 5/12 I lost our little boy at 28 weeks. He lived 4 days in a NICU but ultimately passed due to a bleed in his underdeveloped lungs. It’s such a devastating loss and confusing loss. Figuring out how to navigate this horrible pain. I sympathize with your counting of the time. I’ll be 39 next month and alsoand getting to a place we can try again too

  • laurierose and LMP, many prayers to you both. The loss was one I’d never want anyone to endure.

  • I am happy to be here. I lost my baby born prematurely at 32 weeks on March 24th through emergency CS. She stayed at the NICU for three days and died due to internal bleeding. Am turning 36 years and I really want to try again, and my doctor says it's okay to try in three months. I am really scared, in 2018 I had a missed miscarriage and my recent pregnancy had placenta previa.

  • Ombulo, I completely understand how you feel. Many prayers to your journey on conceiving again and prayers for a full term.