Lost her forever..

  • much love and hugs to you.  As a mom whose baby died 8 years ago I know the pain and the heartache. Give yourself time to just be.  Take it one day at a time.  If that is too hard then take it an hour at a time.  When my son first died I was living life a minute a time it was the only thing I could handle. Eventually I was able to start living a day at a time and so on.  I had a 3 yr old at the time and it can be so hard to be a mom to your living child while grieving your deceased child.  If you have family or friends in the area ask them to help out.  One thing I learned is that it is okay to ask for help. I also found counseling to be very helpful and to help me work through things like accepting that my baby was gone.  It takes time and be easy on yourself.  Nicki

  • Thank u Nicki for ur kind words .u r very true to say that it becomes so tough to be mama to ur living child..this has been most tough thing to of now m also trying to do one thing at a time..once I had been lot active with every thing around ..I had been very social and connected to so many people but now m trying to keep myself a bit alone...not connecting to everyone and everything...I Just want some peace as of now... connecting to few ppl who are able to handle me and understand my feelings..

    Thank u so much for your words