Level IV bleeding in brain

Level IV bleeding on one side and level I bleeding on the other side of brain

  • Birth at 22 weeks 5 days is on the very edge of viability..literally by days. The chances of infant survival are as low as 5% on up to about 25/30%. Not great odds but there have been a few babies born this early in the last decade who survived and thrived. Bleeding in the brain in these micro preemies is a common issue. Obviously bleeds can be dangerous or deadly but they are manageable/treatable. Sadly, the chances that your baby will have future developmental issues such as cerebral palsy or blindness or deafness or growth issues etc are an almost certainty. Now these issues may be mild or they may be crippling. There’s no way to know until the baby starts growing and any developmental issues begin to surface. But take comfort in the fact that there are wonderful resources out there to help you care for your child if he has problems and these kids can and do go on to thrive as kids/teens/adults.