Making Sense of Preeclampsia/HELLP

Hindsight Exposes Symptoms and Precursors

  • I wish I would have fired my doctor.   I had the upper right quadrant pain for months,  I would get winded and feel like I was going to stroke out at the grocery store, my legs and feet were extremely swollen.  I kept saying this isn't right.   I kept getting answers like well your urine is fine and you are pregnant thru the summer what did you expect.   I had super severe migraines that wouldn't go away even with er visits.  I started trying to go into preterm labor at 33 weeks.  I ended up delivering at 36+1 and she had 2 birth defects we knew nothing about.  NICU for 38 days, I was rehospitalized for severe pre-eclampsia, she made it through the 2 surgeries and is doing ok.

    But, I feel ya girl (I know I couldn't possibly know your loss or pain but I'm down in the trenches trying to get back to me and seriously asking myself if I ever want to try again).  I wanted to sue my *** doctor but "I suffered no injury or permanent loss" so I don't have a case.  What kind of f*d up world is that.   I'm 9 months postpartum and I'm just now starting to feel like myself and that's with a 7 months of counseling and a psychiatrist.  

    Anyways... I'm here.  I made it and maybe that was so I would randomly find this and say hey   you aren't alone.

  • Welcome to Share Brittany. I am deeply sorry to read about the loss of your daughter Brynn. I love her name. I hope that you and your husband are continuing to lean on each other. I am an angel mom to a baby boy. I can't believe it's been over 11 years and counting. I had preeclampsia as well. I knew symptoms, but unfortunately, this new OB I was transferred to was totally unfamiliar with me. She ignored my concerns and well, I found my way to this site. It's been super helpful in my own healing and I hope that it's offering you support as well. More research needs to be done for sure. Thank you for posting this and thank you to both you and your husband for your service to this country and for keeping us safe!

    Hugs to you both,