Making Sense of Preeclampsia/HELLP

Trying to Make Sense of it All

  • So sorry to hear this. And yes, I felt the same way. I went to one hospital when I started experiencing pain at about 20 weeks for them to tell me one thing and not do much. To having pain again and went and saw my doctor who diagnosed me with extreme short cervix and that I needed a cerclage but it was too late. Our son was born about 3 weeks later very early and we were blessed 10 days with him. My next pregnancy we were better prepared and I had a cerclage put in at 3 months pregnant and had a healthy baby.  

  • I think as a loss mom we question every decision we make along our pregnancies.   Nothing makes sense so we try to to make it make sense.  Know you are not alone in those feeling and questions.    Please be kind to yourself. Sending you a million hugs!


  • Note: As I grapple with my grief and begin to make sense of what happened, my blog will consistently morph. This is why the comments don't match the topic of this blog entry - these comments were in response to the entry in which I describe my story, which is now the second entry. Apologies!