Missing my baby boy 💓

Baby Luke

  • I just finished reading your post and I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious baby boy Luke Jr. It sounds like he was such the fighter and overheard your plan to make it to 23 weeks. I'm an angel mom as well. I carried my little boy to 30 weeks and then had to say hello and goodbye. It didn't feel like we had enough time with him and of course, how could it ever be enough? I try to hold onto the time that I carried him. I hope that you can see that additional week at home and those days he spent in the NICU as strength. You both kept going and held onto hope. He will forever be your son and you his mommy. Nothing ever changes that. I have to believe that our angels can feel the love we will always have for them.

    Keep talking about him. I found this site shortly after our loss and it became a safe place to write all kinds of feelings. I hope that it can do the same for you.

    Thinking of you,