My son steven

My son Steven

  • Hello and welcome to Share. Congratulations on your baby boy Steven! He sounds like quite the fighter and strong lungs are a plus. I am sorry to read that he's dealing with so much on top of all of the other usual preemie things. It must be extremely difficult to watch him go through this. I can only hope along with you that the meds will do their job. I know that the the unknown is scary. Please just try to continue to take it one day, one moment at a time in the NICU. So many of us found Share when we just didn't know where to turn. I hope that this will become a safe place for you to unload. We hope to read an update as you can.

    Thinking of you,


  • Hi Hun my name is Heather I have went through is my son was 22 ice u2 tines

  • Hi, I'm new to the blog just wanted to say you're not alone... my princess was born January 6 at 26 weeks 6 days 1lbs 15 ounces. She was doing great, just dealing with the common premiee complications such as breathing, jaundice, etc.

    A week or so after she started having episodes more frequently, doctors said she was anemic so, she got the first blood transfussion ( which usually last 3 hours she had five so far). While she was in the process of getting blood, something happened where she forgot to breathe , my husband and I were in the Family Room because she was asleep, and we wanted for her to be relax, next thing I know a mom came up to us saying I think is your baby doctors took every one out and closed the door of the nursery. I told my husband something is going on we have to go and ask. The night team said she needed to be put on the breathing tube, and that they were going to send blood cultures and all sorts of blood work. Baby has an infection she was put in antibiotics inmediately. Doctos said they were not sure what type of bacteria is causing the infection, but the antibiotics shes getting will cover any infection. As soon as they knew she had the e.coli bacteria she was put on two antibiotics to kill the e.coli bacteria. I'm so grateful to God and the doctors that have been taking care of our baby because, they are so caring and undertanding. They explained the whole process and the risks. She got Meningitis out of this infection, because the bacteria got to her spinal fluid which is the fluid that covers the brain. She was put on antibiotics for the e.coli bacteria for 21 days and thank God everything went well. She started having seizures at the same time, and was put in two different seizures medications , and in  an EEG Machine to check her brain activity for a day or two. She is now down to one seizure medication. So far so good thank God She is doing great, she's still in the NICU. She is now 5lbs 4ounces I just keep praying for her because she is a fighter she is so strong she has been through so much. But I know and I believe it that God have been her doctor all the way through this long process and journey. All I can say pray and believe that everything will be ok...because, God has given us our babies our miracles for a reason stay positive stay strong. I'll tell you something a mom I met at the NICU once told me some days you're going to cry because things are just going really bad, but there are going to be days you're going to cry out of happiness because things are going so well. I just keep telling myself My Princess Isabella was due April 8th, any day before her due date that she comes home is a blessing.  

    P.S. your not alone