My Sweet Eli ..

My Sweet Eli ..

  • What you are feeling is very normal and natural. I have gone through similar painful feelings when I lost my baby boy. Please stop blaming yourself because it's not your fault. It was just written in the destiny and it was bound to happen the way it happened. You will surely get the answers when you will meet your creator in the hereafter.

  • Hi Majora,

    I’m so so sorry you’re sweet little Eli did not get to stay with your family. Life can be so beautiful and yet so cruel.

    Losing your baby and saying goodbye is the hardest thing in the world,  telling excited children at home is even harder because you see their little hearts break right in front of your eyes.

    Let me tell you, there was absolutely nothing, nothing you could of done to prevent your sons stillbirth. Nothing. You only feel like you didn’t “listen” to your body because Eli didn’t make it. If he did you wouldn’t have a second thought about your movements slowing - because it does happen at the end of  most pregnancies

    Please you’ve been through enough - don’t blame yourself for one more second. In saying that, I understand the need to blame yourself but it won’t help anyone and unfortunately it won’t  bring  Eli back.

    I lost my daughter 02/11/2021 in a very similar situation. I was 38+6 days. She was beautiful. 7lbs 8oz and 53cm long. I have two boys aged 5 & 3 at home. We didn’t know we were having a girl until she was born. She would of been the cherry on top of our happy lives and then our world shattered into a million pieces.

    I miss her every milli second of everyday. We are trying to build our lives back together and be strong for our boys. It is hard but we are getting there. I thought I’d never laugh again.

    I hope you find some peace. I can tell from your post, just how much Eli was loved, wanted and cared for in his watery world for those 9 months, tucked up safe & warm with his loving Mother. That is something special and you will always have that time to remember and the time you got to spend with your son. It will never be enough but it is something. My heart aches for you and the pain you are going through. I know, I feel it too.

    I like to think we are all energy and our babies had as much energy as anyone/anything on this planet. I see my daughter in the sky, in the birds, in the waves. She is part of this world just as much as you & me. And that gives me some kind of peace. I hope you find yours.

    Sending Love & Peace your way ♥️♥️♥️