Another chance

  • Hello and Welcome-

    I hope that this community shows you that this is a place where you don't need to hide your crazy. SO many of us have been where you are.  I lost my first baby, Josie, in 2007 due to Trisomy 18. I had my second daughter in December of 2008. She was born full term, no anomalies, and is now a very trying tween. I had many moments during that second pregnancy when I woke up in the middle of the night and looked up a symptom, checked myself, and made notes to ask my doctor. When she was born, the first words I spoke were "is she okay?" When she was 3 months old, she got a cold and I rushed her to urgent care. I was so tense in the waiting room, I was mentally preparing myself for the doctors to tell me that her green snot indicated a medical condition I had never heard of, and that she wouldn't survive much longer. If I am truly estimating this, she might have been 2 years old before I was certain nothing was wrong with her, and that I would get to keep her.

    Please know you're not alone, we are here for you.

    Love and Hugs


  • Hi , hope you're doing well! Keep us updated on your journey - we're here for you <3