She Woke Up To God’s Face

Griffin Michelle

  • Thank you for sharing your story was very touching. I hope that with time you find some form of healing. God Bless!

  • Welcome to Share LindseyF. Welcome to Share.  I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby girl Griffin Michelle. You did everything and someone had other plans. I read your story and I sort of relive my own. I was 29 when I lost our baby boy. Similar situation where I also rushed myself to the hospital, no heartbeat, lots of bleeding. I am so thankful for all of those wonderful blood donors out there. It is hard to know that so many others are experiencing this pain. Yeah, holding onto sanity is right. Sometimes I wonder why I'm not running down the street naked and screaming?! Wait, my health insurance might not cover that treatment facility:)

    Your story helps, it does and it will continue to help so many. Thank you for your careful consideration to share it here with us. I know you've heard it all by now, but do take the time. I'm nearing 11 years of grief journey and some days, it just suddenly hits. The love is forever though.

    Sending hugs,