Struggling with NICU

The Bottom of the Roller Coaster

  • Hello,

    I know the rollercoaster feeling and the flustrations of being in the NICU. I have been in the NICU with my surviving twin boy. I was 22 weeks and 3 days when they were delivered via emergancy c-section. My son also had a pretty long honeymoon phase and since week two we have been on a nightmair of a roller coster ride. We had to be transfered to a level 4 NICU and he has been back and forth with his vents and their settings. The advice i have is just advicate for her. I have had to advicate for my son a couple of times to get more sidation to help him not fight the vent so they could get his oxygen down. I had to fight for them to change his vent to a diffrent one because he wasn't dowing well an i knew the other vent was more gental for his lungs and knew he needed break. Just know your not alone with your fear.