Surviving infant loss?


  • I pray God gives my son hugs and let's him know how much I love him too. My husband takes care of me also. I don't believe it's bad to have hope and try again. I think our tragedy has somehow brought us a little closer in bond and cherishing each other no matter what. Always looking for the blessing in all of this.

  • I just lost my son yesterday. We discovered at our 26 week scan and they could not find a heart beat.... The most heart wrenching thing is not knowing something went wrong. All I can think about is how do i move on from This? Can I move on and why us when it was all going so well.

    Joining this group makes me feel like I'm not alone and that there are people who can truly understand that it's scary to think beyond this moment and it comforts me to know I have people who can truly relate.