The "A" Mom

A scary day

  • I am so glad to hear that you and your daughter are safe! I really hate how little attention people pay while driving, especially in the grocery store lots! It is nice you could take away something positive and meaningful from the experience. I hope that your faith continues to help you grow and take on what the future may bring.

    Love and Hugs


  • Every night in the nicu Z and I would pray before bed. The amazing thing is that Z's stats always were perfect during the time we prayed and worshiped together. One night I got overwhelmed. I asked God how did He do it? How did He send His only begotten sinless son to live a life of teaching, preaching, loving and healing then watch Him die such an horrible death? I watched my son suffer for 6 months. We had our good days and our bad. I finally accepted it was apart of Gods plan and if was going to get the glory out of Z's death, then His will shall be done. Looking back on it and knowing that I would know any of the amazing people on SYS if i didnt have this experience, makes that pill a little easier to swallow. Im praying for the days ahead.



    aka Ro