The "A" Mom

Number 14

  • Hello-

    I am glad you found a way to reclaim your number so that it no longer makes you as upset when you see it. I am often thankful for small reminders of Josie. For me, its the tinge of purple in the sky when the sun is setting. It doesn't happen often, but I am always convinced its her saying hello to me.

    Love and Hugs


  • I had four sons all born on the first of the month and then twins born on the 29th so we joked about how they couldn't wait two days to be like everyone else. Then I went into preterm labor at 19 weeks 5 days with a second set of twins as a surrogate and as I was laboring in the hospital it dawned on me and I turned to my husband and said "it's August 1st today" and he just quietly nodded and said "I know." Somehow I held onto those babies until August 2nd at 1:50 am just ten minutes after their parents arrived from California.