Living my new normal

3T clothes

  • Yep, those random spurts of sadness seem to come at the strangest times. I was at a music festival this past weekend and before one of the acts they played a video for army families. It seemed like there were a bunch  of shots of 3 year oldish boys hugging their dads, which is how old my Sean would be. That got to me . It's then hard once you get into that moment to stop all the thoughts from flooding in....

    But, It's so good to hear that you are having such a good summer, I can't believe it's almost August already! Yes, bring that happy feeling into the fall!

  • Me too, Nicki.

    Much love,


  • I understand the part about no longer being carefree and happy. I think that losing a child always leaves you with a little bit of darkness, no matter how positive you try to be. Abbey's milestones usually hit me with those bursts of sadness, as another reminder of something Josie never got to do. I am glad you are having a great summer! It always seems to be too short, especially once the kids are school age.

    Love and Hugs


  • Its crazy how the random things can seem to take you back.  

    Hugs Momma I miss you!


  • I think we will always be hit with those emotions ... I guess it's a part of the journey. But I'm proud of you for being in the moment and enjoying all the fun activities with C. Can I come hang out with you guys? :)