Living my new normal

8 years

  • first of all happy is bittersweet to see where we are and think about where we thought we would be by now.. i always took having children for granted like it was a guarantee.. i thought we would get married take six months to get used to being married then have a child..yea not so much, but in the long run we are one of the strongest couples i know.  glad you were able to take that step to hang that family picture up in your house.. for me we have skylar everywhere, but at times it gets hard to see all the reminders of what we should have ahd.

    many hugs nikki

  • Happy anniversary!  The pictures sound beautiful, I am glad you were able to take that step.  I hope you will post some pictures of the puppy when it arrives!


  • Happy Anniversary. For Jer and I each year since our loss has become even more cause for celebration. Marriage has become easier yet harder at the same time. We became new people and still fell in love all over again. Each anniversary is a gift and I am happy that even though this is not the life you imagined you are living it with the man of your dreams. Lots of Hugs and can't wait to see the new puppy!


  • Happy anniversary to you and your husband!  It is hard not to think about the way we wanted or thought life would all work out for us on our wedding anniversaries.  On our wedding days, there was so much hope - hope to have the life you wanted.  Never did we think our lives would be shattered...left for us to pick up the pieces.

    You are never alone on this journey.  We are with you.  I am glad you are hanging up your pictures.  I'm sure they will all look beautiful hung up.  

    Fingers crossed that the shut down ends soon, for many reasons, one of which so you and your hubby can go on your date!  Melting Pot sounds delicious!! :)