Living my new normal

A big step...

  • I'm so glad that your talk went well, it definitely is emotionally draining but gets a little easier every time, at least for me it has.  Though it kind of depends on exactly the things you talk about as far as how emotionally draining it is.  I'm so glad that it's helping your hubby get excited about doing something in his memory!  I'm sure that's an amazing feeling!  Yay for new goals!


  • I am so very proud of you for doing something so amazing! Stacy is right. I think the first time is by far the most draining. As time goes on I have found that I actually look forward to telling my daughters story. Like you said it is a way for me to acknowledge that I have four girls and not just three. I can't wait to here what you guys have in store for next years walk. I am sure we will have a thread for March for Babies where everyone will be able to share there awesome walk ideas.


  • That's great!!!  I know it's emotional to share the experiences that you've gone through, but it not only honors Scott, but it also allows others to see that these things that we're working for are very real.  Such a great way to inspire others to get involved.  I'm proud of you!!


  • I am so glad your speech went well.  I was terrified the first time I had to speak at an event for the March of dimes!   Im so glad that you all are finding ways to honor your Scott's life.  many hugs to you!  


  • How wonderful that you did this speaking engagement.  Scott's story will no doubt affect so many!