Living my new normal

a busy weekend next week

  • I'll admit I did laugh at the "without adult supervision" comment. Sounds exactly like something I would say! :) For whats it's worth I think that you husband and C getting to go and pick out the puppy together is a wonderful father son bonding moment. Plus when he pee's on the carpet and runs into the stove you can always blame your husband for picking the dumb one. lol. I think a puppy is a wonderful idea. Like I said, Pickles has really brought so much healing into our house after we lost Arianna. Especially for my husband. I stumbled across some videos of him as a puppy a week or so ago and thought of you because I was laughing in the video and it was so strange because I still had that haunted look on my face yet I was truly laughing at the dog. Probably one of the first times I really truly laughed after her death. Now my husband and dog are so deeply bonded I actually worry what is going to happen when Pickles dies. If only they lived forever too.

    Can't wait to see you next weekend I am getting so excited!


  • Looking forward to meeting you! very cool about the new puppy. Safe travels!


  • How exciting!!! Neat that hubby will get to take pics and spend all the time he needs to pick the perfect puppy.  A neighbor friend of mine got one recently and she's totally in love:)  Excited and nervous, yes, that's it! A few years ago, I kept thinking what the what am I doing?!  I popped an Immodium, met my roommate at the gate, and smiled at the open bar:)

    Can't wait to meet you!