Living my new normal

a good week so far

  • I'm glad you are off to a better week... how could you not with that ADORABLE lil bring lots of joy and smiles into your home puppy!  He is precious!!!



  • What an adorable picture. :) I am so glad that everyone is settling in so nicely and that Elvis understands what sleeping in means. :) Alexia also gets to wear her halloween costume at school tomorrow too. It should be an exciting day. It is supposed to rain here but our town has a rain date for saturday for trick or treating if its too nasty. Can't wait to hear an update after trick or treating to see how much fun everyone had.


  • So glad to hear you bare off to a good week.  Just think its halfway over!  What a cute little pup you have there.  I would love yo get one but Jadon is allergic :(!  Have fun with all the Halloween preparation.  I hope you continue to have a good week.   Hugs momma!