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a never thought of it this way

  • That is very profound. I am sorry that things with the inlaws didn't work out well. I had hoped that the trip would be good.  I am glad you found something positive from the trip.  As you move past this situation focus on the positive or insightful moments like the one you just shared.  The other negative stuff, wash it out of your system and out of your life.  Giant hugs!


  • Even if everything else went straight down hill, that is a great piece of insight to take from the visit. I hope that C will feel comfortable enough to share or not share as he feels is right. I can't imagine how difficult it is for a child to navigate the loss that we can barely process ourselves.


  • I had high hopes that your trip would mend some fences. I am really sorry that it didn't. I do like what she said about C and his brother being special to him. Having an older child who processes her grief very differently than mine I can relate to this. I hope that things return to normal quickly and as always we are always here.


  • I'm so sorry to hear of the relationship with your in-laws.  Glad that you were able to take that one profound statement, however.  Sending peace your way and to C as he starts the family unit at school and decides whether or not to share Scott.  Either way will be the right choice for him.



  • Oh, I'm so sorry that the trip went downhill. I was really hoping that this trip would be a chance to fix some things, and that really was a very nice thing you and your husband did to go and help.

    Well, that was very good insight that you received before the trip went bad, it does make sense that C wouldn't share Scott with everyone all the time. I am sure that he knows how special it is to have a baby brother, and he can share about him as he feels comfortable.

    Huge hugs,