Living my new normal

A new decade for me

  • How wonderful! That sounds like a great plan for your birthday! Hope you have an amazing time in FL! Good luck with fundraising, I know you all will do amazing as always!

    Love and hugs


  • I am so glad that you were able to get away and had a wonderful trip!!! I bet you got some great pics! Very neat that C got to experience the vacay with his fellow friend and very cool that you were more than comfortable spending time with the 20-month old. I will be asking advice as I reach that same milestone birthday next year. It's your bday, you do you! I love your outlook here:) Way to go Team Popcorn!

    Sending love,


  • Hugs Hugs Hugs dear friend!


  • So glad you got away with friends and got to relax. Loved seeing the pix on FB. Sounds like Colin had fun. Hope you are able to enjoy your birthday. Remember -- it's just a number. I've hit it and passed it. Enjoy your time away!