Living my new normal

a special card in the mail

  • The pic is ADORABLE! Your friends and family will love this too:) I am so happy that you received such a card from the hospital that looked after your angel. Wow! I had no idea that there was a National Children's Memorial Day. I will be lighting a candle for mine and for so many other angels and thinking of their families.

    Big hugs,


  • How thoughtful of the hospital to send card to you in honor of Scott.  I know that must mean so much to you.

    LOVE the pic of C and E with Santa!! :)  Good for you for bringing Elvis (love the name, by the way)!!!



  • Awe I love that the hospital sent you the card, how special. I'm sure that many nurses and drs remember Scott.  I also love the photo of C, Elvis, and Santa. Thank you for letting us know about National Children's Memorial Day.


  • What an incredibly sweet gesture from the hospital. It is amazing to know that there are still people who care and who remember your sweet boy.

    I love the picture. It made me smile. If my dog didn't weigh 100lbs I'd be one of "those people" too. :)

    Thanks for bring National Children's Memorial day to my attention. I will be lighting a candle as well.