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A walk to remember

  • What an emotional experience. I do agree that the choice in song was not so great. There is nothing awesome about losing your child. Who's idea was that anyway. I've had those moments myself and I never know if I want them to stay or go. It's like a double edged sword. Hugs.


  • What a very very emotional day!  I agree with you an Jami about the song.  There are so Many other songs they could have choose to use.  I don't care how faithful a person is when you lose a child, it can shake the faith of even the most faithful of people.    Sending you a million and hugs.  Glad you were able to get a night off cooking such an emotional after .   I love Cracker Barrel too!  

    Many hugs


  • It's really nice that the NICU has the Walk to Remember.  You were so brave to attend. I'm sorry for the choir's choice. Maybe something you can mention when the hospital calls you for NICU parent feedback. I'm so okay with openly complaining if something isn't quite right anymore. I hope that you continue to allow yourself to feel. You are one amazing person and I hope that you had a yummy meal at one of your fav places.



  • Cracker Barrel...yummy!  Hope it's a nice dinner!!

    Yes - it is good to be able to "lean in" to the grief when we need to.  We can only push it aside for so long before it starts to bang louder at the door.  Let it in and visit a while - then it will fade a bit again until ready for another visit.  

    I think I would have felt the same thing you did regarding the hymn that they played.  I remember going to church the weekend after we lost Marco.  Perhaps it was too soon for us to go, but I think Bruno and I felt we needed to go.  It was hard for me to listen to the music.  Very hard.  

    Hugs to you,


  • Thank you for the post filled with so much emotion. Symbolizing a lost child with a rose, and for some, more than one....I can't begin to imagine being there that day. You were brave to go. I know that sounds dorky, but you did have the option of staying home....but you went. You're amazing!Maybe the hospital feels that the Walk to Remember is fulfilling the needs of the parents who have lost a child. I'm glad you spoke up and suggested that more resources be given.