Living my new normal

Scott's room

  • This is such an inspiring idea. I love to hear that you are finding ways for your family to come together and use your house in a great way for everyone. Scott will never be forgotten. He has your heart. It must feel so good to use that space again for everyone to feel happiness together.


  • I am so glad you are able to utilize all your space in a way that is good for everyone!  Its very empowering to realize you can grieve/not grieve or remember/ not remember how you choose to, without the pressure of keeping things a certain way. I fell ya on the "walls closing in" comment, I can't handle clutter or disorder,  I get the exact same feeling and it makes me super irritable! Here's to a bright and organized new year!

    Love and Hugs


  • I am so glad you found a way to utilize  Scott's room and the remaining space in your house.  All this while finding peace in the change.   Finding that sense of peace is a hard place to get to after loss.  Finding peace doesn't mean we have forgotten them just that we finally get to the point that we realize we can't change what happened.  And living with deep grief is taxing on us and our babies wouldn't want that for us.   They would want us to find the peace in our lives.   Although I would give anything in the world to have my daughter back, I am beyond thankful for the amazing people (you included) I have found on my journey and I think that has helped me find my peace.  So much love and Hugs to you!  Give C a big hug from Florida!