Living my new normal

always there...

  • Congrats to C on that city build! That's really cool and how neat that he got to go to Detroit to be recognized. I know, it's unfair. You turn around, stop suddenly, and it just hits hard! I had one of those moments awhile back and for whatever reason the thought was on marriage. I thought, I'd never see him get married. It was weird as to why my mind went to that occasion of all occasions in life, but it was there. Sometimes it's like a double whammy because I think some days my T might not do those things either. Not that one has to get married to be happy, but it's just the loss and/or unknown that makes me anxious and sad. Reality. I'm so sorry for the painful glimpses of what should have been. They are tough and challenge us all over again.

    Sending extra hugs this love month,


  • That is great news for your boy, he will always remember that, and so will you. I think we will all have those feelings of what could have, or should have been. I wish there was something I could say that would make it easier but I am still struggling myself with those feelings. The only thing I tell myself is that it is all part of remembering our little boy, and it helps keep his memory alive in our minds and in our hearts.

  • Hugs I wish I knew the secret to this.  After 11+ years I still haven't figured out how to celebrate milestones without missing those missed memories with Trinity!   Heck I got teary eyed with a bag of valentines that Jaxson brought home to day.  Those little card with scribbled names....  so simple but something I missed with her!   Many many Hugs!