Living my new normal

an up and down week

  • Hurray!!!!!!! I'm so happy you got the job :)

    I'm sorry C's teeth are an issue. Please don't feel too horribly about it. Some kids just have soft teeth. Sometimes, it just comes down to bad luck and genetics.

    We can swap in law drama stories on the plane. :)

    Hang in there!

    Sending virtual hugs,


  • First of all - Diggerland seems SO cool!  Didn't even know it existed!!  Glad to hear you guys had  a great time :)

    Second - Congratulations on the job!!!  That's great!  Sounds like it'll be a great step for you.

    Third - I'm sure that it's so hard to think of your boy going off to school - it's going to be quite a transition.  

    Fourth - So sorry to hear about the cavities.  I'm sure it feels terrible to know that he's going to have to go through all of that.  You are certainly not a horrible mom.  As you said, some kids are just more prone to it :(

    Lots of love and hugs to you!!


  • Sorry about the cavities!  Hunter is prone to cavities too - he has what some would call "preemie teeth".  I know that's not C's issue, but I wanted to mention that our dentist has Hunter brush with MI Paste at night and it does seem to help - we have actually not had to have a cavity filled.  Brushing kids teeth is apparently not the approved use of the MI Paste (according to the directions in the insert), but our dentist uses it for cavity prone kids.  Something to maybe ask your dentist about.  I hope the filings go okay - so hard to watch our babies go through any kind of procedure.  The hygenists always give me the third degree on Hunter's teeth - candy, juice, brushing - I don't think they really believe me when I tell them its just his teeth.

    On to better things - congrats on the job!  It sounds like a great step back into the job market.  I'm happy that C had fun at the playdate - defintely a good sign for the year ahead!