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another realization

  • Nicole, I wish there was a pamphlet too. I wish there could have been an objective voice while so many things were happening in the room. I wish that I had been asked certain questions before holding our son in our arms. I didn't let anyone visit us, him, in the hospital. I wish that I had a picture of our angel with his older brothers. I just didn't know how to approach that at the time. I didn't know what to do.

    Sending you hugs,


  • This just beaks my heart.  It is so unfair that you have to face these realizations or even wish for a pamphlet.  So, so unfair.

    So much love to you,


  • Nicole I get this.  I wish there had been a check list of things that would be huge later down the road.  I only have pictures of us holding Trinity  none of anyone else.  :(  Hugs to you dear friend


  • I hear this. There are so many things I wish I did when Randi died.  We have no pictures of us with her or of Hunter with her. I think a pamphlet would be a good idea.  If not always for the parents (I couldn't process anything when RandI died), then for the doctors and nurses to make gentle suggestions and guide the parents.

    I so wish we never had to face these regrets.  

    Sending lots of hugs,


  • I hear you and I agree. I found some information and suggestions when I went through it but I had expected my situation and doing research comforted me in a small way. But in situations where parents have to deal with infant loss suddenly and unexpectedly there really should be some guideline for doctors or nurses to follow and help you through it. Regrets can be a huge roadblock in the healing process. So very sorry for your loss.

  • Hello, I totally understand with that thought. We lost our baby boy at 21 weeks and I regret every day that I do not have any pictures of us or anybody holding him. Things happen so fast in a whirlwind it's hard to think straight.