Living my new normal

as June continues

  • I'm so glad that you had a good day at Mount Vernon celebrating your whole family on a special day.  I wish I knew what to say about the other family stuff, but I can only say I'm glad you said what you needed to say on your terms. I hope things get easier.


  • That sucks you had to go to the doctor. I wish you got a free pass to get out of anything and everything you want to during the month of June.

    Good for you for making the clean break.

  • Sending heavenly birthday kisses to Scott! I am glad that it was a good family day out:) Cool that C is interested in history and our nation's leaders. Run with that. Good that you've decided to postpone any further dealings until July. It's your month and you need space just to be and feel.



  • So sorry you are going through these difficulties, happy to hear you were able to speak what was on your mind.  Also, happy that you were able to have a good family day for Scott's birthday amid all the stress that's going on right now!

  • I think its great you chose to celebrate Scott's birthday with a family outing! Angelversary seasons/months/days are never fun to think about or go through, but making it a family experience with new memories always helps. I'm sure that Scott is happy you celebrated him this way.

    So sorry about the crazy in-laws.  I have never understood how people can be so selfish and absorbed. I have the same issues and instead lean on my friends, the family that chose to love me and accept me. I hope the month just flies by for you.

    Love and Hugs


  • I have been thinking about you all month. I prefer to have space and not be bombarded by phone calls and text messages so I tend to do the same. But please know you have been on my mind. I am sending lots of hugs.