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awkward social situations

  • Yeah, these moments are so tough. I think you did good by holding off sharing. If this person does become a familiar face in your circle, and if she remembers the stuff she says, she should feel like a total you know what if/when you do share. This happened to me awhile back with someone I hadn't seen in over 3 years. I saw her at our grocery store with a little girl in her cart. She knew our story and was in our lives when I was carrying our angel and afterwards. Well, she was filling me in on how she and her family were doing and then made the comment, "It's SO hard when you have three." Yes, I was so planning for that and I'm sure if would have been more of everything, but still wonderful. Sigh.

    I've had to bite my tongue a lot so that my child could socialize. This is just what makes you even stronger and such an awesome mom:) Do tell if you get together with this gal again and let us know how it goes.


  • Yeah I hate this stuff too! I do not like it when people assume I only have one child on purpose or because I can't handle another one (which I might not be able to but not the point). Sometimes its better just to  sit back and attempt to ignore the comments and also try to dismiss your thoughts too so they don't nag at you. I agree with Lindsay, just makes us better since we sacrifice our feelings for our kids!

    Love and Hugs


  • I hate meeting new people. I hate being asked how many children that I have. Normally I tell people that I don't have any. It does get a bit awkward when they notice my keepsake necklace. I don't blame you for not sharing. Sharing Scott is special and should be earned. I wish you luck in meeting other moms.

    Best of luck,